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The electronic tray,it commonly used industrial electronic components. Most of the control of static electricity in working area. So, trays also used to control static electricity (ESD) ,which the material of anti-static trays are classified into two types.
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Mask D-7 (D - Seven) with good features 7 things:
1. Was effective in over 98% bacterial filter

2. Breathing does not feel uncomfortable.

3 compact wearable Face

4. for good health Use disposable.

5 does not cause allergic reactions.

6 made ​​of materials used in medicine.

7 contains no rubber.
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You can help to reduce the landfill waste with a simple way.
By using our product to clean the clothes instead using a piece of cloth.
Moreover,our products have lighter wight and use less space in storage, which means that it will reduce your customer to spent more money.
Environmental impact caused by our products does not end when the product leaves the factory
And the modern packaging design will help us to reduce the amount of spam.
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A Reputation of Trust. Over the past 100 years, 3M has become widely recognized as a world leader in product innovation. Our ability to combine core technologies has allowed more than 55,000 3M products to become an important part of every day in many markets, including electronics, industrial, automotive, medical and consumer.
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Clean Hi-Tech look, Excellent light permeability & air ventilation, Easy assembly and adjustment, Strong Load Capacity .Available in Stainless Steel or Chrome Plated finishing and variety of shelf styles of wire,Solid or perforated, each designed to fit your storage applications.
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Protection against electrostatic discharge. Electronic components are at risk of destruction
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Dual Sensors Design Sensors on drying system and thermal-hygrometer independently monitors RH inside FAST SUPER DRYERRYER Unique Design of Cabinet Airtight design avoids influence on performance from ambient temperature and RH. ESD Safe Design Cabinet Each FAST SUPER DRYERRYER has antistatic coating, antistatic glass, antistatic shelves and antistatic casters Dehumidification at Room Temperature No thermal and moisture retrapping effect from baking ovens.
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DSI Corporation Limited Company.

Established on June 1, 2536 to distribute goods to industrial products to meet the needs of customers. With good products quality
At present , our company has been trusted by manufacturers overseas in Europe and Asia to distribute a variety of products increased. To meet the needs of customers.


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